Monday’s Debate, and More …

The networks say this past Monday’s first presidential debate was the most-watched TV event of all time. Over 100 million tuned in when the debate started at 9:00 pm EST.

I think the number was much higher, perhaps 200 million or even 300 million, when counting the rest of the world and multiple people watching the same TV.

Trump is crass, rude, a liar and a BS artist. But he’s pushing the right buttons of the American population and has been all along.

I anticipated as much way back in 2013 when on the Weiss Wealth cruise, I announced the rise of my war and geopolitical cycles and warned of rebellions and antiestablishment moves, not to mention outright revolutions and wars in the years ahead.

What Trump’s popularity is telling you is precisely that for the U.S.: It’s time for a revolution. The majority of average Americans want to get rid of the old, the status quo and bring in the new, from outside the establishment.

What that “new” will be, only time will tell. And despite losing the first debate …

My Models Predict Trump Will Win the White House

It has to do with my cycle work and the convergence of several important economic and geopolitical cycles that is occurring now and will continue as a Category 5 hurricane for the entire globe heading into 2020/21.

For the world is facing the worst of times, even worse than the Great Depression. And there is only one of the two potential leaders who fits that bill, and it’s Donald.

Yes, I believe Hillary would make a better president — even though she too is full of lies, deceits, corruptions, conflicts of interest and BS.

But here’s the thing: If my models are wrong and Hillary wins the office, it won’t change things much at all. The global macroeconomic picture will look perhaps a tad better, but in reality, it won’t be.

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The only thing that will change is which investment sectors will do well under either candidate and which won’t.

You can rest assured that I’ll help you with that in my Real Wealth Report and premium services that aim for large speculative gains — as soon as we know who wins in November.

But as I said earlier, Trump is likely to win the White House. Either way, it will be a one-term job, for come 2020, there will be yet another change, probably one that sees the true rise of a third party altogether, the Libertarian Party.

Now, to the markets. It’s already late September and nearly every market my AI models digest continue to point lower into October 6/7.

But we’re running out of time. If we don’t soon see further moves lower in the metals, in stocks and foreign currencies …

Then it will be back to the long side, buying dips and looking for a rally into year-end. Even if Donald wins the debates and the election.

Why? It’s simple. Even with one of the two worst candidates in American history on the edge of taking the White House …

The U.S. economy, property and investment markets will remain magnets for foreign capital fleeing parts of the world that are in much worse shape than the U.S.

Europe is going down the toilet.

Think Europe, who’s going down the toilet with a hair-brained currency experiment, with its strongest economy, Germany, now weakening.

With its huge Deutsche Bank now on the verge of collapsing, and a population now rising up against its once hugely popular Angela Merkel …

And where just over a week ago, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) had its worst-ever election in Berlin when the party was voted out of power.

And replaced locally by the surging nationalist party Alternative für Deutschland (AFD).

Think the Middle East, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Turkey, Libya and more. A cesspool of problems. Would you want to keep any money or investments there?

Think Japan, the most vulnerable economy of all.

Or even think China, whose economy remains fine, but whose rich now want to diversify their money out of China as Beijing opens its capital account and currency.

And many other troubled parts of the world, including Africa and Venezuela — a petri dish of what could happen to what I call the “third-world crisis in the first world…”

Or the end of Western-style socialism in Europe, Japan and the U.S.

I told everyone I could almost three years ago that the war and geopolitical cycles were showing a steep rise into 2020/21.

And last year, I showed you how major, proven macroeconomic cycles were also converging to make for a global economic crisis far worse than the Great Depression.

It’s all started, right on time. Either you are going to be prepared for it, or you’re not. If it’s the latter, you stand to lose a majority of your wealth. If it’s the former, not only can you protect your wealth, but you can also grow it over and over again.

Best wishes, as always …


P.S. When the K Wave crashes into the American economy …You’ll either be one of the lucky few who are rich and secure; or one of the millions who are hungry, desperate, and afraid. Now you might be tempted to say, “Dow 31,000 sounds pretty good to me, Larry, I’ll just hold onto my U.S. stocks and watch them double in value.” In other words, you might be tempted to sit tight and do nothing. But sitting tight is the worst thing you could do, for three reasons … to find out what those reasons are click here before it’s too late!

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  1. Patrick September 28, 2016

    Larry, when will deutsche bank collapse? And in the event of a usa stock crash, what good is gold bullion to you if you don’t physicaly have it,,,


  2. polywan suy September 28, 2016

    Today and tomorrow will be at risk the same ! why did they happy with funny game


  3. ww September 28, 2016

    Why would anyone want to invest their money, or turn their currency into another, if that country elects a person who is willing to continue the policies that are destroying the country and the working people in it? Just hard to make sense of this. I can understand we are on the eve of tribulation but hard to “see” any place or thing to hide in.


  4. Phil September 28, 2016

    Tap, tap, tap…Another cycle inversion Larry?


  5. Gerry September 28, 2016

    Clinton is a polished, smug liar and BS artist so your prediction maybe right or wrong but hardly insightful. Global markets have more impact than who gets the bully pulpit in the US.


    • Jason October 1, 2016

      Indeed! Not only is Hitlary much more of a liar and BS artist (and criminal…politician for sale…and too much of an idiot to be trusted with National Security), even out-of-the-closet-commie Michael Moore thinks TRUMP won the debate! (even as rigged in Hitlary’s favor as it obviously was). Remember….whatever was in the Wicked Witch’s speech to Wall Street….it’s all been kept secret!


  6. Dadila September 28, 2016

    I am a paying subscriber to the Real wealth

    How can I receive these books that you offer to new subscribers ?

    K wave , europe fall , stock market tsunami . …….

    thank you


    • nelson dunn September 29, 2016

      please answer this question by return e-mail


  7. James Bird September 28, 2016

    Anyone who is paying attention to the markets these days must realize that the wild fluctuations are not due to market forces but to financial and economic manipulations by central banking systems. That of course is a disaster waiting to happen. The U.S. economy is teetering between rampant inflation and deflation. Which side of the hill it will roll down is an unknown.


  8. David September 28, 2016

    Larry, great work on your ‘Winds of War’ and the conservative investment approach, I am still mostly selling PUTs on stocks I like including some of your selections. I’m not sure where you arrive at the conclusion of Trump lying, yes he is brash and bold but very restrained I thought in the debate. Hillary never addressed how she will pay for any of her grand schemes except to get the rich to pay their “Fair Share”. I am a very long way from rich but even I know that the top 10% pay over 70% of all taxes now, isn’t that enough; and every one should be able to calculate that even taxing the rich more will not pay off the debt nor pay for more of Hillary’s “free” stuff.


  9. Gary September 28, 2016

    I don’t see were MS Clinton would be a better president.Everything she touches falls apart.How would she a better place president? Maybe Mr Trump could be worse. He has no track record; Hilary does have one.


  10. Michael September 28, 2016

    These markets have not cracked as per your thoughts. You cannot play against Government manipulated markets. Why should markets go down? Your guesses are just like everyone else. So far, you have not been on target.


  11. gordon September 28, 2016

    This new disease is called corporate greed and the winner this week of the Golden Globe of Greed award is Mastercard and 46 million people could benefit from this case. Yes folks the high and the mighty are falling like domino’s. Wells Fargo still has not disappeared from the rear view mirror but another greedy oinker is appearing in the windshield. This case is taking place in Britain for and I quote “allegedly charging excessive fees according to documents filed in a London court. It seems that when shoppers swiped their debit card or credit card these charges were passed onto consumers in higher prices. This hast taken place over 16 years between 1992 and 2008. This was an invisible tax. Mastercard of course denied any wrong doing and will defend itself vigorously blah blah blah. Of course well all know how this will end. MC will huff and bluster and whine and cry and then to get the case out of the public eye will settle for lets say 4.2 billion and no acknowledgment of guilt. We have seen this movie so many times in the past. I hope none you people have MC in your retirement account. These shenanigans can get repetitive in nature.


  12. Carman September 28, 2016

    You state the two worst candidates, however can you see anyone out there that has a chance of getting us out of the mess.


    • richard October 1, 2016

      I have thought of your question many times this past year. Viewing the potential people over and over again. The one unafier and organizer that I can think of that has a record of fixing things and making them work is Mit Romney. If people were to read his history,they would find the answers they are looking for. He is a wealthy man because he earned it. He has stepped in to fix problems with organizations ,even without compensation. He donates his money and time to worthy causes and so does his wife.
      So you asked the question and I just can’t find anyone worthy of the presidency except MIT.. Please don’t be mad at’s just one man’s opinion.


      • jim October 2, 2016

        If anyone gets mad it will only be because you are RIGHT about Mitt Romney.


  13. Ed September 28, 2016

    I too believe Larry


  14. Anthont F Lukes September 28, 2016

    The way I read it: President Trump (likely): Will do what he preaches: Reduce corporate taxes and spending (regulations reduction, drastic cut of government spending, deficit reduction, only initial new borrowing, no new free trade treaties, possibly abrogation of Nafta). Trade war and new (hopefully only) cold war with China, new agreement with Mexico. Alliance with Russia against Islamic invasion as per historical lines (Cossacks helping defending Europe against spread of Islam), new mission for NATO: Economic impact: initial stock market crash followed by US stocks recovery and new highs, as you predicted.
    President Hillary: No way the world will pay for another round of QE with negative interest rates: Economic collapse with destruction of US Dollar, inflation, likely war against Russia and Iran, not good scenario.
    I am patiently waiting with my investments for your leadership (Supercycles Trader), it is hard to resist crying calls from other analysts, especially in gold, you are most experienced commodities trader and cycles reader I know and your recommendations carry weight with me. Do you have any opinion on Canadian Dollar and Canadian economy in general?
    Best Regards, Anthony


  15. Trump to be president September 28, 2016

    I think and hope that people have enough common sense and vote for Trump to become our next president. We have had nothing during the last 16 years for any thing of value from Bush and Obama.I must rather have a rich person as President instead of a poor person.Andrew


  16. David Kealiher September 28, 2016

    Unless presidential candidates address “regime change” and bring it into the open and repudiate the practice, there is not much hope for this nation. Covert regime changes are very costly in terms of dollars, failed states and human lives. It has gained nothing for the US except a tidal wave of hate.


  17. Eagle495 September 28, 2016

    Great report! That said, hasn’t every Stock Market Crash and Depression happened under Conservative Political Domination? Looking more recently, didn’t that happen in 1929 and 2007? And in past cases, haven’t those Great Crashes been seperated by roughly 50 years of Liberal leadership? Given that the last Crash Recovery under the Liberal Obama happened in 2009, shouldn’t we expect another roughly 50 years of economic success like we knew from FDR to Reagan?


  18. books September 28, 2016

    Larry, I sincerely hope you are wrong about Trump winning. He will alienate every country on the planet, will undo years of diplomacy and ambassador’s work, will act as if he is a dictator, and use the presidency for his own enrichment. I find him odious.
    Thank you for always updating us on the rest of the world.


    • Toby Howes September 29, 2016

      very amusing …

      can you list the countries that the USA hasn’t already alienated?

      furthermore, I’m sure that should Trump become president, there will be many countries happy to be alienated rather than annihilated as they have been under the last few administrations!


    • D2 September 29, 2016

      Obama’s “diplomacy” (and HilLIARy’s) needs to be “undone” (e.g. like un-doing the ridiculous, treasonous agreement with and payments to IRAN). You don’t think the lying, corrupt HilLIARy will act as a dictator? Obama’s 8 years of going around Congress and denigrating ANY who disagree with him has shown her the way. Remember her “deplorables” comment? Can’t people disagree with Hillary without being denigrated? Can’t we honestly not agree with someone’s plan without the name calling? How does that unify us? And as for “own enrichment”, that makes me LMAO….what do you call what Bill and HilLIARy have done (for THEMSELVES) With their phony Clinton Foundation (pay to play)? Stop drinking the kool-aid.


  19. Ken September 28, 2016

    So you favor a woman who supported deposing anti-terrorist leaders in Egypt, Libya and Syria for no good reason? Interesting.
    As for your timelines, it seems to fall right in line with the end of days laid out in the Book of Revelation. The reason why people can’t see the end of terrorism, the slow financial suffocation of the middle class and the constant ability of technology to replace people…is because there is no solution to terrorism, the slow financial suffocation of the middle class and the constant ability of technology to replace people.
    That’s what the end of days looks like: violence and poverty.


  20. Charles September 28, 2016

    Larry, you should keep your politics to yourself. It sounds like you think a portions of your readers are part of Hillary’s basket of deplorables. Not a good way expand your subscriptions.


  21. Donald Link September 28, 2016

    Good article. Can’t help but wonder why Hillary gravitated to the Sanders wing of the party when the policies of her husband were sure winners and despite his problems, probably could have had a third term if the constitution permitted. Seems to be human nature for some to always tinker with success..


  22. Robert Davis September 28, 2016

    I am a bit confused on which of these events will happen first. Are the markets going to crashing going into 2020 or soar going into 2020? Will the dollar and precious metals be soaring going into 2020? Approximate how long do you expect the down side of the K Wave to last?

    It would help if you could produce a time line on when these events should occur.


  23. Cecil Elmore September 28, 2016

    Larry…. how could you possibly believe Hillary would make a better president? Your judgment has been pretty sound over the years, but….. really???? Haven’t you had enough of the cover ups and corruption, the pro-anything muslim rhetoric, the lack of commitment to the basic principles upon which this country was founded??? Give me a break… your support for her has undermined my confidence in you…. and your judgment.


  24. RICK September 28, 2016

    Trump should cancel remaining debates with Clinton. With her Chessire cat smile, she was mocking Trump for the entire debate


  25. Scot September 28, 2016

    While I agree that neither candidate can stop the reset that’s coming, I think Trump is less inclined to launch the totalitarian lifeboats. I would love to hear why you think lying, sleezy, crony Clinton would be a better choice.


  26. Cyd Oakley September 28, 2016

    I am a small business defense contractor, but I believe if Trump wins in November the DOW will drop at least 40% and its likely we will be at war with Russia with a year or two. Trump has no understanding or awareness of the global game going on with Putin, a master of intrigue and trickery and long time leader of the USSR’s spy agency. Putin would out manoeuver Trump at every turn.
    If trump wins I fear for our country… God Bless American , and save us from Mr T.


    • D2 September 29, 2016

      Wrong. HilLIARy is part of the Israel First neocon group. Trump is USA First and won’t take us to war if its not in our best interests (and that wouldn’t be).


  27. UDO September 28, 2016

    Who is really a liar is Hillary – always was . Trump is just a loud mouth with a bad temper . Wish he would be a little bit smarter but it is what it is but a liar he is not .


  28. tj grant September 28, 2016

    Clinton would be the worst as I have a lot of personal knowledge of the Clintons over many years. Am 73, built a company from scratch to 29 million in sales and sold for 7 figures and retired–TRUMP ALL THE WAY!


  29. Arthur September 28, 2016

    Hillary would make a better President? Yeah, if you want more wars for the banksters and weapon makers. Why do you think so many of them have lined up behind her? And let’s not forget about her scandalous, sociopathic husband. Or how about their money laundering foundation and “pay to play”? The Clintons are corrupt to the core and putting them back in the White House will continue what Obama has been doing which is putting an end to America once and for all. No, thanks.


  30. Greg Lissner September 28, 2016

    Just read your RWR update for9/28, including link on the k-wave offer for Stock market tsunami as well as other offers. As a current subscriber to RWR is there access to these references. If not, why not? How can we get access?


  31. Scott Hartzler September 28, 2016

    Wow. That’s quite a prediction given electoral college math.


  32. Scott Hartzler September 28, 2016

    And GOD help us if you’re right.


  33. Scott Hartzler September 28, 2016

    Hillary is like shooting myself in the thigh; Donald is like shooting myself in the temple.


  34. Glenn Fiebig September 28, 2016

    If your knowledge will truly benefit stockholders, why aren’t you providing this information simply and without charging. If you have answers then provide them. Using fear tactics to amp sales seems disingenuous at best. If you need the money, your advice may not be that good. If you don’t need the money, why not take the philanthropic high road and give the good info away?


  35. Karin September 28, 2016

    The report seems interesting. I’ll take time to read it.
    Thank you,


  36. R.Braatz September 28, 2016

    Larry: This great crash and surge in gold is the most over forecasted event I have seen over my lifetime (71). Those forecasts seem to be pushed further and further out. Now 2020/21. It is clear to me the markets are controlled by the Governments, computers and the very wealthy. For their own survival, Governments will continue to control markets to their advantage. They now control all the levers of power, free markets no longer exist. D. Braatz


  37. joe September 28, 2016

    In 1928 repub businessman president Hoover promised a chicken in every pot to the working gullible and gave them a depression.

    Repub businessman W/Cheney promised tax cuts for the wealthy and trickle down prosperity for the gullible once again, and delivered our second depression while looting our treasury for Halliburton.

    Repub sociopath businessman Trump promises UUUUGE prosperity to the gullible and tax cuts for the wealthy but this time it will be different. Believe me, frankly, great again, and the poor gullible get gamed again as he buys their homes and lives in foreclosure. The poor workers who support him forgot what was happening in 2008 already?


  38. Jackie September 28, 2016

    Trump does have his faults, but I believe Hillary is much more likely to get us into more war. She smiles in the debates, but she has a reputation for having a volcanic, nasty temper, and look what she did for the middle east… especially Libya and Syria. How she could get a child rapist off and laugh about it… how she laughed about how she had Mommar Quadafi brutally murdered when he was working with us at the time. I hate that she gets away with crimes that anyone else would be behind bars for…. and Trump has nothing on her for lying!
    Trump made his billions in the business world, and our government needs someone who can/will streamline our multitude of agencies, and watch how our money is being spent. I believe Trump will be much better than Hillary in this regard. Hillary got her millions by taking bribes (donations) from Wall Street, special interest groups, and foreign countries, like Saudi Arabia…. about 35 million from them alone. That makes her beholden to these interests. The reason many Republican cronies don’t like Trump is he outed them in the primaries by pointing out they were all bought and paid for. It’s time we got someone in who will crack down on the cronyism.


  39. Paul B September 28, 2016

    I’ve been waiting on one last pullback in the PM’s to make my last silver purchase. With it bouncing off $19 again this morning and Sunday being the end day of the Jubilee year, which usually coincides with a major ‘event’, I don’t think my $18 price target will get hit. I’m not waiting any later than Friday to make my move.


  40. Jon T September 28, 2016

    Trump di not lose the first debate! Only CNN and a few liberal mouthpieces said he lost. The vast majority of polls said he won by a wide margin.


  41. Bill September 28, 2016

    Congratulations… you have managed to claim as your “expert” opinion the big media narrative concerning our candidates while hiding in Southeast Asia.

    Lest we forget, our constitution was deliberately drawn to prevent dynasties and concentration of power. Elites (on both sides of the aisle and around the world) are terrified that they are losing power, God forbid, to ordinary citizens. In my humble opinion that is terrific.

    I am fascinated that you dogmatically call Trump a liar. What evidence do you have? I find his statements at worst exaggerations like you or I might offer in a social setting. On the other hand, Hillary has a proven pattern of lies designed specifically to hide her criminal activity. One example (of many) is her criminal handling of classified material…public law in this area is very clear and does not require INTENT (as implied by Comey and the media). Do you doubt that she sold the power of her office for personal gain?

    Trump may not have a political pedigree, but I am confident he will surround himself with competent, talented people who put a premium on America and yet he will challenge their thinking before simply accepting their conclusions. Lest we forget, this election is about electing the American President. The fundamental principles of freedom demand that we as Americans seek our own best self-interest. We owe nothing to Europe nor the rest of the world except possibly to show that individual freedom is actually possible. The world has unquestionably benefited from our protection and generosity for decades.

    I will proudly vote for Mr. Trump if for no other reason than his stand on the 2d Amendment authored specifically to assure that American political power always resided in the hands of the citizen.


    • Carol September 29, 2016



    • william siegel September 29, 2016



      • Robert Lee Bernard October 5, 2016

        I believe I do understand what Larry is saying, concerning the fact that the ultimate outcome would be, more or less, the same. Either way, there’s disaster ahead… Nevertheless, Amen, again, to Bill’s comment!!


  42. Michel September 28, 2016

    “….then it will be back to the long side…..” no more hedging suddenly?


  43. Al September 28, 2016

    Larry, with the fast demise of Europe and the EURO we still are holding Super Cycle PF proshares uktra short Calls Jan 28 2020 17–way under water. Does this mean we will expect to see the crash you are calling fore and the rebound before the calls expire?? Thanks for your input AL


  44. Howard September 28, 2016

    Hi Larry

    “Trump is crass, rude, a liar and a BS artist. But he’s pushing the right buttons of the American population and has been all along.”

    This election is more about who you don’t want rather than who you do. After all we are already in a bad place on many fronts.


  45. Geo September 28, 2016

    Since you predicted “all hell will break loose” in Oct 2015, nothing has broken loose.


  46. Russel Thorup September 28, 2016

    I disagree with YOUR opinion of the character of the two candidates! I’ll thank you to keep your own political opinions out of this. It is NOT what we subscribed for.


  47. Clyde September 28, 2016

    What is your stance on “Gold Money”? Thank you.


  48. Dona Izer September 28, 2016


    While we are members of the Oxford Club and a few of Stansberry’s reads, I signed up with your Real Wealth Report for your keen analytics and long term cyclical/historical view. Rather contrarian. You have pegged the cycles. While I think your timing is a bit too early on some, like a fog horn in the mist, your warnings have us prepared as we lead up to the crisis. Better early than late. And your admonition on gold is spot on. We did make a nice profit in the beginning of the year and got out completely until we wait your move back in.

    Keep up the good work! We appreciate the effort you put in to keep us informed. Thanks Larry!

    The Izer’s- Maryland


  49. Anthony September 28, 2016

    I think if Hillary wins it will be worst than Hitler in the forty’s. We Americans will no longer have rights or freedoms. Our economy will go down the toilet.


  50. Sohail September 29, 2016

    Larry you have been bang on the money in cycle predictions.
    However here in the uk gold miners listed in the aim or Lse have not
    Suffered any significant pull back since 1 January.


  51. Toby Howes September 29, 2016


    With the Ai models still pointing down, please can you explain why you are casually giving up on this forecasting tool & recommending going long & dip buying? … as all of your previous advice has been driven by the forecasts of the ai plotter.

    Keen to know your thinking. Especially as following you has cost me an untold amount of opportunities that weren’t capitalized upon where I allowed your view & forecast to trump my own opinion.


  52. William L Pettingill September 29, 2016

    Larry: Your Comment: “Now, to the markets. It’s already late September and nearly every market my AI models digest continue to point lower into October 6/7.

    But we’re running out of time. If we don’t soon see further moves lower in the metals, in stocks and foreign currencies …

    Then it will be back to the long side, buying dips and looking for a rally into year-end. ”

    It sounds like you are hedging your predictions AGAIN!!!!!: Either your AI reports are not working like they should or you don’t know how to read them. Your previous statement that you called the gold low months (2015) ago did not translate into you advising us to buy then. Gold went up over 25% and Silver went up over 30% in 2016. We not only didn’t make money during that time but because of your advice we lost considerable amounts of money. Your cycle predictions may be correct but you don’t appear to know how to translate them into profits.


  53. Mario September 30, 2016

    Hi Larry
    I have been a firmer believer on your prediction !!!!! But by following your last recommendation That the Gold will drop on the 6/7 Oct. I went short , and if it doesn’t happen I will loose lots of money !!!!!!!
    Now ,please tell us more specific what will happen to the gold price !!!!
    Will it go still down to $ 1250 level , or will it go Up ????
    I think that with what is happening around the world with Banks going insolvent etc..
    the Gold will go up or am I wrong ?????


  54. miguel October 1, 2016

    I am in the same situation than Mario I am short in gold waiting al least 1250


  55. Paul October 1, 2016

    Dear Larry,
    I see that the Yuan was added to the IMF’s basket of currencies 10/1. first currency added since 1999 when the Euro was added. In your opinion what exactly does this mean for the global and US economy, especially in light of the fact that you foresee a European & (Euro) collapse in 2017?


  56. Scott Hartzler October 3, 2016

    How come all it takes is a rosy speech from the CEO to send Deutsche Bank from certain doom to all clear? People today are either so gullible or they live in denial of reality these days. Like thinking Trump has any chance whatsoever. These ppl deny that the electoral college, polls, and rudimentary statistcs give Trump little to no chance. The overall percentages are indeed close, but there simply aren’t enough electoral votes in tossup states for Trump to have any chance. He’d have to run almost every tossup state, and with Virginia moving to solid Clinton it’s now next to impossible. MI is also very favorable to Clinton now and there just aren’t many states to save Trump. So my point is that ppl will believe what they want in spite of mathematical evidence (like the earth is flat and the sun goes round the earth). Btw, these are BOTH worthless candidates.